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POSTED BY Alistair Swift March 1, 2018 in H1Z1
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Fear9K and Fabbeba removed, welcome Devanti and Risla.

With a disappointing finish in the online league, Revenge EU, we managed to scrape a top 5 placement in season 8. Following this, we felt that our only choice was to make changes to our once dominant roster. Our changes started with the removal of our Swedish duo “Fabbeba” & “Fear9k”. The Swedes had been with us from the start of our venture into H1Z1, however their performances slowly began to deteriorate over the last 3 months. A roster change was our best option if we wanted to see an improvement in the upcoming season. We’d like to thank Fear9K and Fabbeba for their solid work throughout the time they were in Radix, and we wish them nothing but the best going into the future.

Magnus “Devanti” Jørgensen is one of the new recruits we have made moving forward into the new season. Devanti is a proven star player in the H1Z1 scene as he is not just a solid team player but holds phenomenal solo statistics too. The 17 year old Danish player reached top 10 in the European H1Z1 Public Solo leaderboards, finishing just 10th place in Pre Season 6 showing off his high kill peformances, this verified Devanti to be the outstanding slayer he is today. Back in 2017 Devanti attended the $250,000 DreamHack Winter tournament with his previous team, SoA. The team progressed through the qualifying stages and made it to the finals achieving a top 5 placement. We are more than happy to bring on board the young talent and begin developing our new team.

The final addition to the team was no surprise as the player had been competing under the Radix banner as a substitute in the previous season of Revenge EU. Elias “Rislaa” Risla is a well known veteran in the H1Z1 community, with the 18 year old competing since the original release of H1Z1 back in the early stages of 2016. Risla has shown himself to be the crucial team player which every roster needs, with his years of experience and top level support play. You’ll be able to see the team back in action on Saturday in French Spirit, followed by Revenge – beginning on Sunday! 

Our new look roster:
FEIWI* –  Twitter | Twitch
DEVANTI – Twitter | Twitch
RISLA – Twitter | Twitch
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