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POSTED BY Liam Black February 14, 2018 in AnnouncementsCall of Duty, Updates,
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Today we are announcing changes to our active Call of Duty roster with immediate effect.

After a period of instability with our former lineup, we today sadly say goodbye to Harry “HayJay” James and Callum “Khaos” Smith, as they depart from Radix Call of Duty. We’d like to thank them for their hard work and dedication during their time with us, and we wish them well in the future. Harry will continue on with us as part of our developing stream team – you can watch him live here.

This left us with a clean slate, and an empty roster to fill up with new faces. Looking forward to CWL Birmingham, Seattle and the upcoming second stage of the CWL National Circuit, we are happy to announce that we have acquired the roster formerly known as “Wet Umbrella”.

Our roster stands now as:

  • Louis “LouiCM” Morton (C)

  • Dylan “Dylan” Henderson

  • Koomail “Traudey” Hassan

  • Jamie “Jambo” Lambert


We caught up with Louis to grab some of his thoughts and reactions going into the future.

Q: With Radix not being known for their presence in Call of Duty, what were your initial thoughts on the organisation?

A: I’m excited to represent Radix. I’ve heard nothing but good things from HayJay, who was previously under the organisation. I’ve known about the org for a while now due to having a very good CS team – hopefully we can match that success in Call of Duty.

R: Coming off a extremely strong 2nd place in the European 2K just gone, how do you think you will fare going into future events (eg. CWL Birmingham)?

A: Honestly if we carry on grinding like we have been I am very confident that we can do some damage in the upcoming events. I cannot name an AM team that is more hungry to win than us, we are eager to prove ourselves against the best on LAN.

Q: What’s your main goal with this lineup?

A: The main goal has to be qualifying for champs. The potential is there, we just have to make sure we place well in the UK National Leagues and all the upcoming CWL events to guarantee our spot at the LCQ’s.

Q: Would you say there’s a star player in your team and if so why?

A: There is no star player. People need to learn this game is all team work, everyone has their roles and everyone on our team does their role perfectly.

We are excited for the future with the boys, and you can next catch them in action during Stage 2 of the UK CWL National Circuit.

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