Official Radix Deathmatch Server

POSTED BY radixadmin February 12, 2018 in AnnouncementsCounter Strike,
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Radix CS:GO Deathmatch Server Live

One of our many goals at Radix is to develop the UK scene both at a professional level and grass roots level. To further this goal, we’re proud to present the first in a series of servers we aim to launch within the coming week, the Radix Deathmatch server.

The server, based in the UK, offers low ping and great hit registration for all your warmup needs. So far it is only de_dust2 however, if there is a demand other maps can be put in rotation. The server is auto-populated by bots if the player count is low however bots are only loaded onto the server once someone joins to ensure an optimised experience.

While this is quite a basic deathmatch server, we aim for it to be the go to place to warmup and train your aim.



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