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POSTED BY Josh Kerr January 22, 2018 in H1Z1
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Callii replaces Ratax on Radix.H1Z1

With our top performance in the previous season of Revenge, we have high expectations in the subsequent season – which is already upon us. Our roster has been chasing the top spot for the past 5 weeks, tucking in at second place behind the current leaders ELH. Issues have slowly arisen outside of the game, with team chemistry lacking – it was time for a roster change heading into the final week of this season.

Today we say goodbye to Ratax, one of the nicest people we have ever worked with. Over our short period together, we achieved so much. We’d like to personally thank Lars for his hard work and wish him the best of luck going into the future!

Introducing Callii, the latest addition of the Radix H1Z1 line-up. Despite being a recent addition, Lasse “Callii” Knudsen is already proving to be a important member of our roster, with his main trait being able to kill anything around him. The Danish talent suits his newly found position perfectly as he is one of best slayers in Europe, proving himself at events such as Dreamhack Sweden with his former team SENSEI.

You can follow Callii on twitter and twitch.

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