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POSTED BY radixadmin January 6, 2018 in H1Z1
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Roster changes for Radix H1Z1

After the brilliant season, where we came out of nowhere to take home the recent RevengeEU title, we’ve had roster issues. Kempe was a star player of the team but it was apparent that he has lost interest in the game and every member of the team agreed that it was the best decision to part ways with him. We’ve replaced him with Jack “Pulse” Stockwell, the youngest player to compete at the top. Jack attended the previous $250,000 H1Z1 Elite series at Dreamhack last month, and was the youngest player to compete in finals of the event. Despite only being 16, his leadership skills are a huge asset which are being added to our line-up. We spoke with the H1Z1 team captain “FabbeBa” regarding the change:

Q: What was the situation with Kempe, what is the reason for a roster change?
A: It wasnt really a shock, overtime we could all see the loss of interest in his gameplay and that he did not want to continue with team and play H1Z1. We all felt that if he doesnt want    to play we should not stop him from leaving.

Q: What impact has Pulse made on the team?
A: When were looking for a new player we wanted him to fill all the roles of kempe’s place, and a little more. And we knew pulse had been igl for his old team and that he could benefit our team alot. First days we played with him we instantly felt that this will work out.

You can follow Pulse on twitter and twitch.


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