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POSTED BY Josh Kerr December 21, 2017 in Rainbow 6
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Radix acquire a Rainbow Six: Siege team

With the new season of ESL Premiership UK just around the corner, we have acquired a R6 team.  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter video game and unlike any other first person shooter, the game puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and cooperation between players. Our interest was sparked by the team when they took the ESL Premiership qualifiers by storm, beating some highly respected teams from the UK Rainbow Six community. The new season begins on the brink of the new year, with an expected start date of January the 15th. Our roster leading into the league is as follows:

QUAKE* – Twitter 
PAT – Twitter
FXBIA – Twitter
MELONZ – Twitter
CAPONI – Twitter

We’ve conducted a short interview with the captain “QuaKe” to give our followers a deeper insight into our newly found team.

Q: What are your first impressions of the Radix brand?
A: When Radix first approached us we thought they looked very professional and welcoming as an organisation and looked like a family brand so it was perfect for us.

Q: Who is your star player, could you briefly describe everyone’s role on the team?
A: Our star player is definitely Fxbia, he is our most consistent slayer and has really grown into a vital member of the team. Fxbia is a slayer so he is the one who gets droned in and kills the most along with Pat who is also our slayer. CaPoni is our Flex player so he plays whoever is needed and really makes the team flow. QuaKe and Melonz are the support players so they hold down the objective on defence and our the last line of defence and on attack they drone the slayers in and locate the other team and open walls and stuff to allow us to win the round.

Q: What are expectations and goals leading into ESL Premiership?
A: Well it’s obviously a very tough league, and as a newly formed roster we’re going to put the practice and hopefully push for that top 4 spot and get to LAN.


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