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POSTED BY Josh Kerr December 19, 2017 in H1Z1
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Radix Acquire H1Z1 team

Being the common ground for all gamers, battle royale has taken over the community. Our entrance into the H1Z1 scene lies in sweden, one of the worlds capitals when it comes to shooter games and also where our newly signed team are based. The roster, lead by the IGL and captain “FabbeBa” has depths of experience in the field, some players with around 5,000 hours (that’s alot, especially it you consider how long the game has been out for). With only being a team for a few weeks they are already showing outstanding results in private leagues such as Revenge EU, where they are currently locking down the #1 spot. Winning a league as such would help the team acquire an invite to the H1Z1 Major competing for figures of around $250,000.

Here’s the full roster:

FEIWI –  Twitter | Twitch
FEAR9K – Twitter | Twitch
FABBEBA* – Twitter
RATAX – Twitter | Twitch
KEMPE – Twitter
(CYREX) – Twitter | Twitch

( ) indicates stand-in, * indicates captain

After all details had been finalised, our captain had this to say:

“I’m just really happy and excited for the future of this team, glad my journey in this game took me this far. Feels good to play in a team where we can have fun and play seriously at the same time. Been playing since the game came out mid Jan 2015 and instantly loved it and has loved it ever since.” – FabbeBa

The team is working from strength to strength, “Kempe” is currently ranked as the 13th best solo player in europe, “Ratax” has been streaming for over 1 year on twitch and has managed to gain over 8,000 followers and 120 active subscribers. He started streaming when the launch of H1Z1 was introduced on the 15th January 2015 and has accumulated over 5,600 hours in game. His passion towards streaming & playing allows his fans to watch whenever they please, that includes you now that he’s becoming a blue! You can track the teams progress in the results section on our homepage, or just follow us on twitter (always easier).


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